The long-promised big mid-April patch for Magic: Legends is finally upon us. It goes live today — and might be active as you read this — and makes significant changes to several of the game’s areas, the tutorial, and progression, and implements plenty of quality-of-life fixes.

In his fourth State of the Game report, Executive Producer Steve Ricossa said that there were “nearly 500 fixes” listed in the patch notes. The highlights include a shorter and more streamlined Tazeem tutorial area, the unlocking of a new class after you complete the tutorial and visit a new plane, and better responsiveness from summons.

There’s still more work to be done, however, and Ricossa is targeting late May as the time frame for the next big update. That one will tackle the “lion’s share of the fixes” for performance and server optimization, as well as other general improvements. In a shorter time frame, a reduction in volume for the overworld Reliquary ping is set to go live next week, and Ricossa’s team is “taking a deeper look at the setup of the broker tech.”

And, in case you were wondering, Cryptic Studios is definitely working on a console version of the game. Early builds for PlayStation and Xbox are “already up and running,” but it will still be some time before they’re ready for general release “later this year.”


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