The competition in the free MMORPG space has gotten remarkably intense in the past few years, as more and more top notch games get converted to free-to-play models. With all these free MMORPG games on the market it can be hard to separate the nooby free games from the leet ones. So check out our video of the top 10 free MMORPGs to play in 2011. Click here to see the links and more info about the games.


  1. You guys know how to say, about what you like but I’m pretty sure that they checked quite a lot of things for this video…
    By the way I would change some things in it too, I dont think that PW deserves just the 7th place because its quite an old (somewhat) MMORPG but it is still very successfull so I’ll give him 5th.
    Vindictus is nice and I just started playing, and it looks amazing, but I played it after I played Rusty Hearts and the dungeon is quite simillar but the fact Vindictus is in 3D.
    Another thing that I assume you didn’t spend time to do is to play RoM… You just have to know that basics and get along with the game and you’r “level 20 block” is nothing…
    I got to level 32 but I couldn’t stand the laggs becuase my computer was awfull and my internet connection was lame, they had really done alot since I’d played (Only human race) and I would really like to give the game a re-try.

  2. 1: Leages of Legends
    2: LoTR online
    3: dragon nest
    4: vindictus
    5: atlantica online
    6: age of empires online
    7: Global agenda
    8: champions online
    9: Lego universe :).. just becouse of the fun u can have in that game stoned


  3. Now, here’s something i’m a bit “iffy” about. In reality, would you really automatically target an enemy that you have to kill? Or would you simply walk up to them and start hitting? I know it sounds strange but really, why was the idea of point and click invented anyways? It wasn’t around when we had Super Mario Brothers, was it? Why can’t all games follow up on a real-time combat system instead of having the “easy to code, point-and-click battle system.” ? I realize that it takes longer to code (though i’m not a code writer myself, I still think it might be more challanging.) But for the sake of a good game, please let there be more real-time combat? Vindictous and Dragon Nest are right up there as my personal favorite, but to make a real game with real time combat as well as sandbox exploration, would be the final frontier of gaming. Take a thing or too from real video games like Halo or Legend Of Zelda, instead of World Of Warcraft.

    • MMOs were made to be like that. Halo and Legend of Zelda aren’t MMOs. Neither is Super Mario Bros. Different games are different. Obviously you shouldn’t be playing MMOs if you like FPS’s. What the hell is wrong with you?

  4. Omg! runes of magic number one??? Runes of boring… also the number 2 and 3 are good games but i got to say not little boring and graphics out of date now, the best for me in that list Allods but i still did`t try Dragon Nest, i played all the other in the list, Vindictus is cool but is not trully rpg…
    And… excuse my english i`m spanish hehehe

  5. runes of tragic 3 classes to gear up and u need to spend lots of money thats why its free to play
    i agrea with some in the top 10 dragon nest and vindictus too same for me but vindictus is better
    my top 3 DAD oniline AGE OF CONAN and LOTR online forsaken world is like part 2 of perfect world

  6. I left a comment on here earlier, saying how i thought it was the 10 top list not just 10 in random order and it was removed, it wasn’t against anything or trolling.

    it is just my opinion of it and like with most people, we wonder how runes of magic, allods, and others are higher than Perfect World, when most of the stuff in them games you need Cash Items to continue.

    and Vindictus has Restrictions on access, games should only be classed as MMO’s with wide access, not just a small area..

    Now please, don’t remove my comment again… It’s valuable and an opinion.

    • Hi Sara, we don´t removed your commentary, we really appreciate the feedback from our users.

      We have an automatic system to control and remove spam so somehow you comment was removed automatically due perhaps to some word.

    • I played WoW (PRIVATE) and is REALLY better than RoM, idk why they put RoM in first too,our say that is a copy of WoW,its not even fair to compare sh1t with silver,because even wow is not perfect.

  7. Have played all of the games above and i love em all! Tho im missing Everquest 2 which got its f2p content like a year ago. But, when games like Archage and Gw2 is realised these games will be history! 😉

  8. guys seriously …runes of magic…perfect world…..and so on …guys these games are outburned if you compare them to the few hack and slay mmos out there they are just lame …point and klick is no longer good its just normal and seriously the grafiks are just horrible and if i think about people still spending money into these games …just because they are addicted and nearly lost all there social contacts …really there are far better games out there …for me vindictus and dragonnest should stay on the top places because they are new have a good story ..maybe not that much content till now but just wait …and no more point and click lameness ….. so anyone who wants to hate around no problem but just think about it and maybe some agree with me

  9. Top 2 for me right now are Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online, but with DC Universe Online going free to play soon. I think DCUO will be come my number one. At least until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out. I know its not going to be free to play, but just saying.

    • just wait it will be free to play sooner or later ^^
      becuase i think the idea wich came with wow to spend money every month is outdated because really who exept the ones who cant live without playing a game really want to spend money if they perhaps just have time to play 1 week in total in a month

      • Star Wars has a fan base that has done nothing but grown since the 1980’s. If anyone can do another p2p mmo, it would be Star Wars imo.

  10. runes of magic was Meh……
    it couldn’t keep me long enough on it.
    Stopped after less then a week

    Vindictus is nice 🙂
    Loong is nice 🙂
    Dragon nest is nice 🙂

    • I think we should just wait for WoW to go completely F2P,and than SW ToR will fail at subscription too and we are gonna have two bes MMO RPG’s for fre YAY! 🙂

      • Oh yeah! If I’d have a 11 million subscriber base I too would totally go free to play. Who needs that ~140 million dollars per month anyway?

          • they lost 1 million so what? they lost more then 1 million in the past too and they still have their loyal fanbase, if you think f2p is good for the game you probably never have played a p2p game
            pay2play is the best retard and troll filter ever invented.

        • It’s not like that… If you have 11 million subscribers the company earns enough money to go on with the game and gain profit, but if it will go F2P they will earn money only from the specail cash sales (aka g-coins, nx cash, and so on) which means it will be a huge loss of money for the company.
          Blizzard did right when they opened the game for everyone untill level 20, because its a privew and I think that they earned lots of new subscribers that tried the game, got to level 20 and bought it after that, so… It’s not that easy to make a game from payable only to F2P, although there were some successes like APB.


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