A couple of weeks ago on the F2P Cast, Magicman gave an ominous prediction that Torchlight Frontiers might never come out. As it turns out, he was right — a game titled “Torchlight Frontiers” will not be released, in 2020 or any other year.

That doesn’t mean it’s dead, though. Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games today announced that Torchlight Frontiers will now be known as Torchlight III, marking it as a “true successor” to Torchlight and Torchlight II. “As you make a game, the game starts to tell you what it wants to be,” said Echtra founder Max Schaefer. “And Torchlight Frontiers told us that it really wants to be the spiritual successor to Torchlight I and Torchlight II.”

The name isn’t all that’s changing about Torchlight Frontiers. The game will now use a premium model — i.e., go from free-to-play to buy-to-play — where one box price gets you get “the entire game, all of the content from day one.” We’re sure there won’t be any additional microtransactions to make that statement from Schaefer less than truthful. In any case, now that it’s got a box price, we’ll be less likely to cover it here on MMOBomb.

A little surprising, though, is the game’s move from Perfect World’s Arc platform to Steam. Arc’s been operating for several years now, so moving a much-anticipated title away from Arc and to Valve’s mega-store is a curious move. An accompanying press release confirmed that the game would be launching on PC in summer 2020, with a round of closed alpha testing starting in two days, on Jan. 29.

The announcement of the move also lists several ways gameplay will be changing, most notably that “Horizontal progression has been removed, so all Frontier-specific levels, gear stats, and scaling has been removed as well.” Well, horizontal progression was a neat idea, at least. You can check out the announcement in full on the Torchlight Frontiers — er, Torchlight III site.


  1. For me buy to play is not fair, there is always pay to win cash shops, some kind of super user subscriptions wich will give you another boosts… sad news, look at few existing buy to play, games, why they even exist, empty ,star wars old republic online,elder scrolls online.. , looks like devs working for food there. Games wich start from buy to play pay to win or monthly subscriptions cant return to free to play they all dying after because interest is lost from those who not pay to play ,no matter how good game is.

  2. I mean, they couldn’t make it any worse than it was in the alpha. I had access to the game for months, and they were sooo slow with the updates, and the updates added things but did not fix core issues like stopping you in the tracks and zooming in whenever you used TAB to bring up the map!!! In a Diablo-like game!!! I have a lot higher hopes for the game now, but the odds of me buying it on launch are ZERO. If the launch goes well, with not that many game-breaking bugs and server issues, i might buy it soon after, but i expect a deep sale purchase on my part, probably a year or more into the game’s life.

    • I was interested in the game having played the previous two, I signed up for access, but I was never given access. I waited and waited, but finally gave up completely.

      There is some footage of the gameplay, but it feels really boring. The classes look boring and uninspired. The guy who build railoards is just dumb, the mage class seems mediocre at best and that robot character that looks like a wood stove is just… I don’t have any words.

      I think that game is gonna be a failure. Add the B2P on top and watch it die. Then they will turn it F2P before it shuts down and then shut it down.

      If I recall correctly, Perfect World already had one top-down game with a similar gameplay that nobody plays. It was called Livelock and it had a peak of ~200 players, now it’s dead.


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