Whether you want to hammer in the morning, in the evening, or all over this land, Torchlight Frontiers‘ new hero class, the Railmaster, has got you covered. Billed as the “conductor of pain,” the railmaster lays down a track that escorts his “battle train” into the fight, serving as a mobile weapons platform that can either dish out additional hurt or provide defense for you and your allies.

The railmaster is based on Captain Jacobi from Torchlight 2, and Echtra Games went into great detail regarding the new hero’s development and look. The class was nearly scrapped altogether because it felt too much like the engineer from TL2, until an intrepid programmer named Jason (no relation) came up with the code that would allow the tracks to be laid and the train to follow on them.

The railmaster will be added to the closed alpha with Update 5, which is scheduled for release on April 23. You can sign up to participate in the alpha on the Torchlight Frontiers site.



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