Torchlight: Infinite's 2nd Season Is Days Away And A New Hero Is Coming And Bringing Controller Support With Them

The game released on mobile and PC without controller support, an issue that's about to be rectified.

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Let's just start here: controller support. Finally.

It seems weird that a mobile game ported to PC wouldn't have had controller support on launch day, but Torchlight: Infinite did, in fact, launch without controller support. That's an issue that's about to be fixed though when XD Games adds in the "Blacksail" update kicking off Season 2 on January 12th.

In an update video, shown below along with the intro video for the new hero Cateye Erika, the Torchlight team gives a full rundown of what to expect when the Blacksail update launches. Since Torchlight: Infinite is a season based game, there's a bit of shuffling that comes along with a new season. While you get to keep things like stash pages on the new seasonal server, many other items you've collected will transfer over to the permanent server as the season server resets your progress.

In Blacksail, you'll be squaring off against the terrors of the deep sea and be introduced to Cateye Erika, the latest hero to be added to the ARPG. Erika hails from the Ichi Tribe and has a skill set geared towards fast movement into and out of combat.

Two existing heroes also receive new traits with Rehan picking up Raging Phantom and getting a little help from the gods when attacking, and Moto grabbing Charge Calling and bringing the pain with a slew of friends.

To celebrate the launch, XD has spun up a pre-registration site. Signing up ahead of time will net you a bundle that includes an Insight Crystal, 200 Shattered Primordials, 20 Oblivion Waters, and 20 Resurrection Tokens when season 2 kicks off. There's also details on a streaming competition event you may want to check out if you have a favorite Torchlight streamer.

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