Tower Of Fantasy’s First Expansion Arrives Later This Month With A Preview Stream Planned Beforehand

The Vera expansion will be available on mobile devices and Steam.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Tower Of Fantasy First Expansion

Later this month, on October 20, Tower of Fantasy players will be able to head into the cyberpunk city of Mirroria. This city can be found in the center of the irritated Desert Gobby. Don’t be fooled by its looks, it’s still dangerous.

The desert and the city will both offer players plenty to do in the form of missions and raids. That means more instances filled with new monsters and bosses. The update will also add new vehicles and weapons.

Players will face their biggest challenge in an area called Grayspace. This is a dark region of the Desert Gobby filled with creatures known as Grayspace Entities. These entities vary greatly and are responsible for the deterioration of Vera. The most dangerous ones are Abyssants. Defeat them and earn impressive rewards.

If you want a peek at the content, the team will be streaming on their Twitch channel on October 13th at 1 PM PT, and yes, there will be watch rewards.

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