As Overwatch Closes And OW2 Readies Launch, Two New Programs Are Introduced In Overwatch 2 For Underrepresented Groups

Introducing the Challengers Cup and Caster Camp

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OW2 Calling All Heroes

With the introduction of Overwatch 2, other key changes are being made to the Overwatch League as their new mission ‘Calling All Heroes’’ is being made with a goal to work on equality, visibility, and community support for underrepresented genders. A new initiative called Defense Matrix has been implemented to protect gameplay integrity and promote positive behavior in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch is also striving to open new paths in the competitive ecosystem for players and talent. The two main programs this year will be the Challengers Cup and Caster Bootcamp.

The Challengers Cup will run alongside Path to Pro in the fall and winter of 2022 as an additional competitive avenue for underrepresented genders. Overwatch hopes this helps underrepresented gender be able to jump into the broader Overwatch esports ecosystem. Overwatch will be partnering with Raidiant to host the upcoming Challengers Cup. “It has been my personal and professional mission through Raidiant to ensure that everyone feels represented in esports. In addition to producing entertaining live broadcasts of the Challengers Cup, Raidiant will create compelling content featuring a number of the event’s competitors, telling their impressive stories and building a fandom for these deserving gamers,” said Raidiant Co-Founder and Executive Producer Heather “sapphiRe” Garozzo.

Players that would like to enter will need to head to the Challengers Cup section of Overwatch’s website.

Next is the Caster Camp, this program aims to provide underrepresented groups the opportunity to learn from some of the best broadcast talents in the industry, build skills, and form professional relationships. This program will be led by Soe Gschwind, Matt “Mr.X” Morello, and other Overwatch League talent. Interested players can apply here.

We are just a day away from the launch of Overwatch 2 and the original Overwatch has alreayd been shut down in preparation. Overwatch 2 launches tomorrow, October 4!

Note: Activision Blizzard is still under investigation by the state of California for serious harassment charges. CEO Bobby Kotick is alleged to have known about such actions within his company – and performed some himself – and shielded the perpetrators from consequences.

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