Riot Games’ Project A, announced as a “Tactical FPS” and appearing to be a mix of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch/Paladins, is still incubating, but some details about it and its characters have seemingly been brought to light. We say “seemingly” because a number of leaks have revealed these details, and while they could be legit, take everything you’re about to read with a few grains of salt.

Polygon has collected most of the alleged details from around the Twitter-verse, and we’ll cover the most salient points here.

The game is reportedly called “Valorant,” and we can see from this trademark search that yes, Riot owns several trademarks for Valorant. These cover not only the expected “downloadable computer game software” but also a variety of toys, plastic and vinyl figurines, clothing, bags, and printed items, such as comic books and novels. If Valorant isn’t Project A, it’s at least something Riot is keen on.

Another “leak” — which is conveniently popping up during PAX East and right after bad legal news for Riot — concerns characters in the game:

It shows one character, Sage, who has four abilities and seems to be a healer. Other characters in the image, seen only in headshot icon form, include Brimstone, Viper, and a shady, possibly non-human character with a wide-brimmed hat and coat.

Then there’s the Twitter account @PlayValorant, which has over 17,000 followers as of this writing — probably due to its being pegged as the likely official account for the game. It’s a shame they couldn’t get the simpler @Valorant, which appears to be suspended.

We might not have too long to wait before all of this is confirmed. Yet another Tweet from the official Subreddit indicates that the game will be revealed in just three days, on March 2, with a beta coming just two days later. It also states that “Presskit was given out last week to media outlets.” That’s news to us! #RiotPlz

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