Four new classes are set to arrive in Tree of Savior. Each class expands on a preexisting base class and accompanies four new class circles for each of those same existing classes.

No date for these new class additions has been announced, but players can get a peek at them by checking out a video uploaded on YouTube by Nocht & Midia.

The classes shown in order are as follows:


  • Circles: Dragon 3, Templar 3, Murmillo 2, Lancer 2
  • New Class: Matador


  • Circles: Warlock 3, Featherfoot 3, Sage 2 Enchanter 2
  • New Class: Shadowmancer


  • Circles: Plague Doctor 3, Kabbalist 3, Inquisitor 2, Taoist 2
  • New Class: Zealot


  • Circles: Cannoneer 3, Musketeer 3, Hackapell 2, Mergen 2
  • New Class: Bullet Marker

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  1. Do people even still play this massive disappointment of a game? Bugs everywhere, infested with farming and gold-selling bots. severe lag and regular rubber-banding.


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