Tree Of Savior Announces Date For Upcoming Combat Changes

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

tree of savior

You may remember us talking about combat changes coming to Tree of Savior a little over a week ago. Well, now we have a date for those. The update is scheduled for May 16.

In honor of the update, the team is asking players to help them decide on an advertising slogan/poster. Players can offer their input on the slogan on the game's forums.

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Discussion (2)

Aaron 6 years ago
Leveling in this game was such a huge time sink. and after 40 hours in. I picked a wrong class to change my mage into. rip no way to undo. I guess the EA was only 10 or 15 but still. I feel like I wasted my time :c Arts cool tho i like it and how they fluidly did 2.5d

adfqwf 6 years ago
diee tree of scam dieee!

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