tree of savior

IMC Games is introducing a new item upgrade system — known as the “Item Transcendence System” — to its free-to-play MMO Tree of Savior. The new system is designed for weapons, armor, and accessories and requires the use of Goddesses’ Blessed Gems in order to execute. Different gems are required depending on the type of equipment being transcended. Armor, weapons, and accessories all have their own gems.

Transcendence is not a given — no matter the amount of gems used, however. Each stage of Transcendence has the ability to elevate the item to the next stage (with a maximum of 10 stages), but there is a change of failure.

Another thing of note is that once transcended, the equipment becomes untradeable. So you’ll want to be sure the piece is something you don’t want to give to someone else. The one exception is equipment that has been reduced to Stage 0 due to repeated failed attempts at upgrading.

As part of the system reveal, IMC has posted a guide to how it all works. This guide can be found on the game’s site.

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