Today, IMC Games revealed plans to merge Tree of Savior servers in both North America and South East Asia. These mergers will reduce the server count for the regions to one each. In North America, Orsha will be absorbed by Klaipedia while the SEA server Varena will become part of Telsiai.

For players with teams on the servers being absorbed, this means they’ll be able to continue as usual on the new server. For players with teams on both servers, things will be a smidge more complicated.

In cases where players have teams on both severs, the dev team has set up criteria to determine which of the player’s teams will be selected as their “main” — XP and character count. Whichever team is determined to be the secondary team may lose some data during the merge.

Speaking of data loss, players will want to read the official announcement in full so they know exactly what will be making it out of the merge alive. It contains a fairly detailed list of everything from general team data to guilds and items. The merge is set for March 13, so you do have a little time to prepare.

In better news, a new hidden class has been announced — the Nak Muay. It’s set to arrive this month, February 20. A brief look at the new class can be found on the Tree of Savior site.

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  1. I was curious and decided to poke my head in, due to boredom and curiosity. And wow, it’s practically dead (at least on the EU server). Aside from a few people lingering around the Teleport Statue thingy, and a couple of people I’ve seen running around, it’s not very active compared to before.
    Even most of the bots have gone too. I was fannying around on it for quite some time (mainly as I had loads of free crap in the mail) and only saw two bots spamming chat. Whereas before, it was absolutely heaving with them. You couldn’t move for farming bots in every area, on every channel.
    And it’s still a huge cash-shop fiasco. Man, you can’t wipe your arse without them wanting money. It’s 150TP just to change your sodding Team name. Bear in mind, that the shop only deals in 100, 300 and 500 bundles. So either you have to pay out roughly £13 ($18) for 200. Or £20 ($28) for 300. Which is INSANE! All just to change your Team name. And it gets worse, the more you spend time looking at this and that. I was just sat there, shaking my head at the prices of things available.
    I can guarantee that the ONLY reason this game is still going, is due to a bunch of whales are keeping it afloat buy throwing serious amounts of cash into it. This is the problem with these games. That is why they are still going. People just don’t care and spend money on anything, without a thought of how it affects the average gamer later on, when companies decide to do this again and again. They are single-handedly ruining it for everybody. I’ve been around long enough, played many games over the years, and seen not only the decline in overall quality but increase in greed and monetization of even the most basic of features that should be standard.
    Now, I’m not against spending money in games. Far from it, in fact. If there is a game that I like and I feel it deserves my support, I will buy some currency or purchase a premium account/subscription. But there are very few that deserve it.

  2. I wish they had a summoning system. Like you summon people to you. Like a priest or weapon repairer. What i dont like is that you have to go back to town and get buffs. I wish we had all those buffs and choose all proffessions in one charater.. Make it like 100,000 max. Super exp. But it kinda p2w in some aspect. like its costly too equipments. Too much grind. I wish they had make the maps better. like spawn 50x more monster to each map. the market sucks too. you have to wait to get money from a sold item.

    • Lots of wishes there lol. They don’t listen to wishes, only money. Most of what you are complaining about, is down to them being overly greedy and trying to impose limitations on people, to force them into feeling like they should spend real money to get somewhere.
      It’s a dirty, unethical marketing tactic and IMC have no qualms whatsoever in trying everything to squeeze every penny out of every player.

  3. I don’t know this “Klaipedia” server name sounds more like a serious infection that has four phases or something, no offense to Lithuania tho.


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