Tree of Savior To Temporarily Stop New Players From Downloading The Game

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor May 25, 2016

Tree of Savior 5

When a new MMO launches, the developers typically do everything in their power to get new people into the game. Not Tree of Savior, though. Instead, IMC Games plans to temporarily restrict access to the game to existing players only while forbidding new players from downloading the game.

In a post on the game's official website, IMC says that it's asked Valve to "restrict newer players from downloading the game" via Steam as soon as possible due to multiple issues with server stability, client-side lag, and other problems. As of this writing, it's still available for download, but that could change at any time.

In its short life span, Tree of Savior has been plagued with multiple issues stemming from unusual policies, such as an initially announced three-month headstart for founders, ridiculously expensive haircuts, and a delay of the free-to-play implementation of the game. This latest drama almost seems to pale in comparison but the net sum of all these headaches has to be discouraging players, both existing ones and potentially new ones -- who soon won't even be able to try the game.

What's your take on Tree of Savior so far? If you're playing, has it been running well for you? And if you haven't yet, does all this ... stuff ... reduce your interest in trying it out?

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Todoran 5 years ago
RETARDS! the publishers devs players fanboys!

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HD32PLAY 5 years ago
On a 980Ti and 4790k. The game is completely unplayable. Damn shame as well becauuse it looks fun

Okazu 5 years ago
Para mim também, recentemente começou a cair muito o FPS.
Principalmente nas cidades principais com Bot's Spam no chat.

SqueezyTime 5 years ago
I am really in love with this game's combination of simple, smooth gameplay and deep customization. I don't usually enjoy super grindy games, but I find the grind very relaxing in this one, and reaching each new class tier is incredibly rewarding; plus, as a huge bonus, this game's soundtrack is on point. I've experienced minor lag during peak hours on some days, but otherwise have had no problems arise.

As far as the "issues" go: Other players getting a head start doesn't affect me even slightly, ridiculously priced cosmetic items don't affect me even slightly (and is really nothing new in MMOs), and the launch delay was like less than a month and obviously affects nobody at this point, as the game is already launched. I'd say IMC has done a really great job with ToS, so far, at least compared to many other MMOs I've played. We'll see how efficiently they handle their server troubles.

Koga 5 years ago
honestly the game is doing so well we have to tell people it sucks that way less people download and bog down the servers with the download process itself. i pretty much lol'd at all the other problems listed here. for once, a video game company actually fixes things within reasonable time. the game was brilliantly designed so that its both complex and easy. what i mean by that is that its super easy to play but has tons of depth to it with the class customization and the lvl cap is way up there with plans of going so much higher. i've seen the maps!! i miss the days when i'd be like you know what i need this weapon, im going to go farm it right now and killed 500 something mobs to get it or more. certain class's can even boost the loot. more than one class can do this. i love this dam game.

Ghestly 5 years ago
I`m playing on EU server since very start of EA. I cant say anything good for IMC, till now their best job is relocated EU server to actual EU location, but after f2p launch its almost feel (ping, game lag) that server is still in US. And their weekly maintenances are so silly, its like 1 or 2 ppl are working on maintenance content. Almost 3rd month have passed since EA start and still no progress with bots or actual IG, game breaking problems not even info what are they doing. All they fix in maintenance is some visual bug or quest bug so far. I get it there are ppl who will defend IMC and you are free to do that, i do love game my self but IMC, god they are awful publisher, no communication with players since fiasko about 3 month head start, no info about anything at all, and their decisions are like monkeys trowing dices. I hope game wont suffer are ppl wont suffer and IMC will try to change.

Rustle 5 years ago
I play on the SEA server, and it gets bad during peak hours (after-work on weekdays). There will usually be a queue of about 300 or so players waiting to get in, sometimes going up to 600. Even when I get in after a half hour wait, there's too much lag and people around to complete quests reliably. I get about 500ms ping playing at those times.

The game runs really smoothly at other times, even though I still get 300 ping occasionally, for whatever reason. I'm not really discouraged or bothered by the other issues mentioned. There are so many other games I can try while they sort their problems out, then come back to it when it's all good, assuming it ever gets to that point.

treeofsaviorfeedback 5 years ago
downloaded it about a week ago...sofar i like it.

i dont feel restricted, nor do i care if paying people got a headstart or what price cosmetics are...

it's a nice little's not anything revolutionary, and the action might not be the fastest, but it's ok.

Terranova667 5 years ago
Have to say i haven't see any huge lag or any other issues, frame rate drops a little from time to time even with my GTX 980 and 144Hz monitor but it's not something that is game breaking, i play on the Euro server i dunno maybe others are more full hence the issues.

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OMGFrogz 5 years ago
The game is fun honestly, I haven't experienced lag problems unless I'm in a densely packed area, but then again my computer is a potato, (GeForce 240 hype). I played the closed beta, and that was great, but the game is definitely plagued with issues. However, the game is still fun as fuck.

Fortegs 5 years ago
I noticed very bad lag after downloading ToS at first, but after the most recent patch I've not noticed any lag problems at all. Random frame drops still continue to puzzle me, but I've certainly dealt with worse in other games.

THISGAME GO BOOM 5 years ago

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