Gamers interested in United Front Games’ upcoming title, Triad Wars, are about to have another opprotunity to get some of their questions answered live by the dev team.

Jason and I have talked about Triad Wars on previous episodes of the Free to Play Cast and we actually used quite a bit of the team’s last live stream to form some our early impressions of the game. If you liked “Sleeping Dogs” then Triad Wars is a game that should be on your radar.

The live stream starts at 11 AM PT this Wednesday (11/26) on the official Triad Wars Twitch channel. If you have a question that you’d like to get to the devs, you can send it via Twitter using #TriadTwitch.

UPDATE: …or, you can post it as a comment here and we’ll pass it on to the devs directly!

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  1. I’d like to know what sort of direction Triad Wars is shooting for in terms of similarity to the mechanics (Combat, movement, vehicles) and graphics/design of Sleeping Dogs. SD was a very pleasurable and vivid experience for me, even on my PS3 (I wish I got it on PC, though). I’m curious if I’ll like how the “weight” and fluidity of combat and etc. feels, and if I’ll be impacted with even more highly-detailed, breath-taking scenery, character models, etc.

    Also, Will there be any driving/riding in Triad Wars? I loved riding motorcycles in SD.

  2. Yes, who’s the bastard that implemented “smooth mouse controls” instead of “raw mouse controls?” Because the mouse controls were horrible.

    Also, why is the lighting so blinding during day time?

    Finally, why don’t bullets fly straight when I try to perform a long range kill?


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