It takes a while to get going in InnoGames’ Tribal Wars 2, particularly to get a second village and expand your young empire. Now, InnoGames has made it easier to get that crucial early start on the game.

Players can now obtain a second village in as little as five days, just by fulfilling a few basic quests, some of which require time and some of which require time plus resources. Without this innovation, it would take up to two weeks to get a second village and get into the heart of Tribal Wars 2’s city-conquering gameplay. This second village will be immune from attack for the first five days of its life, so you don’t have to worry about it getting squashed before you can even get going.

Or, to put it another way, nobody can pillage your village and damage its tillage.

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  1. Innogames is the worst game company for 1 main reason. They let players be moderators and then allow them to ban other players as they see fit. And there is no way to overrule them either, they have the final say in these matters. Please don’t give this company any of your money!


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