Hi-Rez Studios announced a significant update coming to Tribes: Ascend this week. The June update, titled Accelerate, will dramatically speed up the process by which players unlock weapon upgrades and earn new items.

In the video Hi-Rez Studios describes the new weapon upgrade system, and reveals that the update will also include twenty-seven new weapon variants, 2 new Capture and Hold maps, and significant balance adjustments.


  1. THis game is FAIL! F**** flight simulator 2012 .. there work very stupid people they like great game to rot , i mean Global agenda, now other smarter people making pure clone of Global agenda, Firefall

    And this shit game is aslo fake free to play, lots of stuff locked ,dont bother to play this shit, look videos and you will see how shit this crap is!

    • could you fix your spelling…? If your going to talk crap about a game you should at least use proper English before doing so also if your saying what I /think/ your saying then your utterly wrong the Tribes games have been around far longer then that of Global Agenda or Firefall and have always been wonderful games and though you have to use some hard earned cash in order to unlock certain Items dose not make it none free to play I’ve played this game countless times without needing to spend a penny

  2. TA is the way to go I’ve played Nexuiz and there was hardly any competition I was bored with it after awhile however this game is good for those who are just starting out or for those who enjoy fps such as Unreal and Quake

    • never played unreal or quake but i am glad to see that some one agrees with me. i play TA because the unique skiing mechanic

        • I would have to say they would be up there in skill to be good in TA I consider my self a good sniper but it can get pretty hard in TA when your going up agents players who have grate skill in Skiing

  3. nexuiz is to noobish/ too easy to win… in TA if you are a sniper you are the most skilled player in the game. you can hit 215 kmh moving targets with no problem at all. the skiing mechanic is what the tribes games unique. oh and this “noob tube” you were talking about is a staple to most mmos… you get a decent wepon in the start so you can survive without this “noob tube” snipers would not survive in any fps

  4. After spending £10:00 souly on the phase sniper rifle just to be trolled with something that does less damage than any other game’s sniper (3 shots minimum to kill), in a game where players are generaly harder to hit than in any other game and requires you to litteraly be an aimbot to time the energy recharge the weapon requires with the hit, vs the OHK fuking noob tube that comes as standard for every BK that this game is obviousely taylord for id say that TA is the least competetive game on the planet! check out nexuiz if you want a REAL arena shooter thats worth dying in.

  5. Very excited for this, 10 more minutes…

    Having weapon variants to better suit each person’s playstyle is a great idea. I’ll probably pick up the modified heavy spinfusor, since i tend to get a lot of midairs with brute.

    This is also a better option to those who like the standard weapons but want to tweak them slightly, but don’t want to spend 100k XP on an entirely new weapon.

    • It’s not like levels matter for anything other than bragging rights.

      I’m level 40, it doesn’t make a difference, it just looks cooler.


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