Just a few months after Hi-Rez dropped the Out of the Blue (Or “It’s About F**king Time”) update, they’re back with another. The new update introduces a new map for players to enjoy, as well as a variety of gameplay, equipment, and other changes.

The gameplay changes include adjustments to votekick options — the percentage has been increased to 45% from 35%. Map changes include the addition of Hellfire — which is now available to play for CTF and Blitz, and the removal of Blueshift from map rotations. Blueshift is not completely gone, however. It can still be found on custom servers.

Equipment and vehicles have a huge laundry list of changes that you can check out in the patch notes document.

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  1. Horrible game. The company officially said they dumped working on it. So this is a surprise… Although they really do not care. Their other games Except SMITE are all left to die…
    I remember when I quit, was when it was over run with hackers. I went to their official live stream they installed in their website (before Twitch was a popular thing), and they showed guys exploiting live, mic and all, as they punched through walls to one shot kill people trying to take the flag (there was a class, infiltrator I think, that had a sonic punch and it was passing through walls and they flag camped it). They all laughed like baboons, and that was when I knew no ticket or fourm post will help this game. Uninstalled. And since SMITE is a crap chute, I refuse to play or support their titles.

  2. this is exactly why this game died, since the end of the beta they only deliver updates with balance changes and yet another generic/boring map

    another map with random hills a few buildings on the middle of it and a “new” color pallet… this was one of the reasons why people stopped playing this game, because of these lazy stuff

  3. They wasting time on this flught simulator, mechanics of gameplay suck! All the time you fly fly fly and fly again and aim small dots far far far away, there is no use for other classes then sniper, game is super goring, play flight simulator better if u like to fly!


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