Tribes: Ascend kicks off their return from GamesCon with a update called Blitz. The new game mode is said to alleviate the capture-the-flag issues. In Blitz mode, every flag captured by your team will cause the enemies’ flagbase locations to change. (Often to a more secure area.)

Additionally in Tribes: Ascend, the technician class has been updated. The update delivers a new primary weapons and new belt item, a repair kit. The repair kit allows you to top off the health of structures, while you can keep busy elsewhere.

Those of you who parler français and Deutsch, the update also included a beta version of German and French language support. Is the new game mode something that interests you? Let us know!

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  1. Game is pure crap. I like Gun Bound more than this as far as physics engines go. This game gives you big guns and big jumps…and all you do is bunny hop around each other and SHOT DOWN. If I am going to be looking down 90 percent of a game Id play battle ships with my poops in a toilet to keep enertained. F this crap and F This publisher for abandoning Global Agenda. GA has so many fans willing and waiting for fixes. But no. Greed greed greed folks.

    • Further more, in the game there are live game feeds. Where players host in game videos live. I sat there and listened to these guys on chat in a private room testing haks and crap design. You can punch through walls with the infitratos sonic punch. They found all the places in bases to punch out flag holders and how the punch goes through all walls and takes out 2 players ina row and in addition knocks the flag way off.
      I was sitting there watching this just thinking…how is this not fixed or for saw? So many closed Beta quality physics. but hey. Cash first.

    • Well, it’s not like they are in the same category. Tribes Universe: that’s something that could compete with Planetside 2 (if it ever comes out, that is).


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