Trion Worlds had a slew of news to dole out at PAX this weekend, the biggest of which is certain to be the announcement of the launch date for XLGames’ sandbox MMO ArcheAge, which Trion is publishing in the West.

The official launch date for ArcheAge is Tuesday, Sept. 16, with an open beta on Sept. 4-8 and early access for Founders starting on Sept. 12. Meanwhile, Rift’s Nightmare Tide expansion goes live on Oct. 8, offering three new zones, new dungeons and other top-level challenges, and four new souls.

The rest of Trion’s games are also making news, with Defiance getting the Aftermath update at the end of September, and voxel-building Trove going into closed beta on Sept. 25.

Which of Trion’s games are you most pumped about?


  1. games trash p2w i was excited and played the open beta and once i get to start crafting and stuff i cant why cause of labor points and instead of rewarding you for going offline you get punish 5min online 5 labor points and offline get nothing need labor point to open coin purse need labor point to id gears need labor point to craft what a crap system

  2. Understand that there is a sort of fatigue system in AA for the free model but after playing in one of the test phases with a friend I am still looking forward to it as a payed product. If you can cover the vip or whatever it is an awesome game,otherwise I advise looking at it as an unlimited trial till they decide to cut the fatigue system. Hoping they haven’t already shot themselves in the foot adding it to begin with since the overall quality of content is quite good otherwise.

  3. 4 times I received emails saying that I have failed to purchase the Arheum pack which is 150 dollars. Thank god I used a gift card to purchase the game, there is no root kit or any hack on my computer. Trion fked up, their customer service has been trash since I played RIFT when it was released.

  4. This game can go to hell, because someone hacked into Trion Worlds system 2 archeage founder packs were purchased from my account, for 134.99 euros, so 269,98 euros overall, still waiting for refund and Trion doesn’t even admit their fault, they blame customers, worst company ever, Trion support responded after 5 days, while I had to block my card and will have to wait for one more week to get new one, fck Trion Worlds and Archeage!!!

  5. I have to say im more exited about rift then archage
    Archage crafting and colecting mats all goes around Labor and f2p players dont get labor when offline and gain 5 labor every 5 minutes while online with max labor of 2k now here is a simpel exampel:in order to build small boat (CLIPER) you need 1pack of lumber 1 pack of iron and 1 pack of fabric 10 gold and 150 labor points.1 pack of lumber need 50 labor points and 100 lumber,and 1 lumber needs 3 logs and 5 labor points plus you need labor to cut down a tree witch sometimes goes from 10 to 25 labor points so do the math.As f2p you dont get auction whitch will be your main sorce of gold.In order to buypass this you need a wery wery wery good guild or simply buy patron for 1 month to get auction house at least.f2p players are just in serius disadvantage in crafting,colecting and trading as for pvp,exploration and questing it is preaty much all same but you will all see it on Sept 4th.(sry for bad english)

    • You know .. at first it was going to be totally Pay and Sub game .. but then later they let people F2P .. so you should be thank full that at least you can play free with limited features instead of not free at all.Plus if you make enough you can buy Perton status with in game gold.

  6. at Spunkify :

    did u know many players trion account billing info was hacked and purchases worth 150$ for arch-age founder packs were made there were unauthorized purchases on paypal and credit cards i am a victim myself loosing 450$ but paypal refunded me. those without credit cards haven’t got any refund only a select few have.

    • They didn’t get hacked. Trion stated they did not get hacked. If they did and said they didn’t it would be breaking a law so I think they are telling the truth. It was very probable that your account was put at risk by the heartstring incident.

      • I used unique password for Trion, with case sensitive letters and numbers, yet got hacked and nothing was hacked but Trion account. Who gave them the right to save my paypal account information? I did not subscribe to any games, I purchased Trove and Defiance, before getting hacked I didn’t even know Trion saved all my information, who the hell even do that? Even Blizzard with my WoW subscription can’t charge me this way. And how can we be sure that Trion didn’t do this on purpose? Based on numbers they could earn thousands this way, maybe some people didn’t notice they were charged, other didn’t have card to get refund to and other stuff, btw no Trion refunded they money, but paypal, though it was not their problem. (BTW I got Archeage beta access, why the hell would I purchase alpha+beta access if alpha is gone and I got beta access for free?, why that founders pack still exist with same price if alpha already ended?)

        • Dude .. Alpha started like more then 6 months ago and in that period of time close beta was once a while and was limited.So those who’s crying to play were able to go in with the alpha package .. you think a big company like Trion will sell a package for no reason ?

          • Rootkit? What the fu*k are you talking about? They charged my credit card for 269.98 euros, I never bought Archeage or was never planning to buy it. I was charged for 2 gift keys, why the hell would I buy 2 gift keys if I have beta access and I don’t play it because it is shi*t, those gifts inclued alpha access but it is beta already? Trion was hacked or Trion itself scammed customers. Why right do they have to save my paypal email and even password?? It all happened at same day 8/25/2014 for all people who had this issue and all at the same time.

  7. archage is terrible for f2p players due to the labor points. if you want to do the main aspects of the game that they advertised you will HAVE to pay

    • I played this game in all 4 cbt, and had no problem playing it as f2p. guildmates let me use their houses and farm, I have a lot of gold from tradepacks. I have 2 boat. Had a decent gear compared to how much I played. The only bad thing, that I’m not able to use Auction house. Labor point makes a good balance in the game.

    • Yeah, i was in closed beta 3 and it was pay pay and pay for everything, if you want the full experiencie you will need to pay 1 time , but you can buy the “vip” with game coins after

  8. Hell yeah! I though tit was gonna be november at the earliest for Archeage.

    Also, new site layout is much better, feels less like a lot more professional instead of like a hobby site.

    • Sorry, that was supposed to be “feels a lot more”. My mmobomb account doesn’t let me post on the main site only the forums so I can’t edit it. Also, the say it button needs a background effect of some sort, I was looking for the send button for a while there.


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