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If you thought $20 was a bit much for Trion Worlds’ upcoming game Atlas Reactor, then you might want to take a peek at this. Today, the company announced that it would be offering a free-to-play option in addition to the pay model.

This new option allows everyone to play the game for free as much as they like, even earning reward caches containing cosmetics (but you’ll be limited in how often you can open them). Of course, as you probably expect, there are limitations — particularly in the area of Freelancers. Rather than having access to all of the Freelancers all the time, players will be able to play a rotating selection. The other things that paying players will have access to that free will not are custom matches and future tournaments.

For more information on Trion’s plans for the game, you can check out the Producer’s Letter.

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  1. Going wait and see all the people saying it’s going turn in to p2w. If it does not then people who said it should play a game or 2 if it does then game will be dead in the water.

  2. month or two after finished release it will be p2w, im calling it, especially since it already has patron program in that doesn’t fit the game at all

  3. with all the free events its pretty much like this now except their lancer options will be limited.

    to the 200 player stat in here, ive never used steam to launch the game nor does most of the people I know who play it so I hope you aren’t counting on that.

    the game is fun. there is plenty of goals to reach and play for. its quick, fun, and surprisingly works well. for a battle arena game the community is very friendly for the most part even when new players are obvious from their poor choices.

    I know people like to beat up Trion, but this one isn’t really deserving of it. they obviously saw a huge interest from players during their free events and why not cash in on it. its adds more players to the game, more money in their account, and the only downside is some haters attempting to use quotes against them.

  4. It seems I am the only one that liked the idea!?
    When the game went B2P, a lot of players were concerned about player numbers ($20 is a huge investment just to check it out), and Trion answred with many free weeks and week-ends.
    I think this F2P mode is the best way for bothe. Free players can check out the game and have fun with limited Freelancers, and if they do like it a lot and wanna get competitive, they’ll buy it.
    Regardless, it will boost player numbers, so this is a good think for the community.
    I don’t think many buyers will be pissed, cause basically they bought full access to all features.

    • a lot of people liked the f2p, you know, before they changed to b2p

      Trion tried to take some extra money with b2p and failed, that’s why people are criticizing, there was no reason to make this game b2p in the first place

  5. hahahahahahaha… omg

    come on, we all knew this would happen… I mean……….. COME ON! šŸ˜›

    remember that interview?

    “it became apparent to us that if we gave access to all the freelancers, it would improve a ton of aspects of Atlas Reactor”

    “PJ: Nope. The primary reason for the switch was because we thought that all players having all Freelancers was healthier for the game overall”

    “SH: We donā€™t see it as a niche”

    what happened? didn’t improve a ton of aspects of the game or it turns out it IS a niche game? xD

  6. Atlas Reactor is currently entirely free for the next 7 days. Despite this it has less than 200 players. Before this current ongoing free period, it had less than 60 players.

  7. So they’ve missed the F2P train and are now trying to run after it. And the best part is that the only thing this move will achieve is pissing off existing customers. It’s amazing how Trion keeps messing up again and again. Are they the only ones in the world who don’t see that their brilliant ideas are horrible?
    This isn’t even a joke anymore, things stopped being funny years ago. What they do isn’t just a standard greedy corporate foolery, it’s like they’re intentionally trying to fail at everything.

  8. I wonder if trion worlds would ever recover from their bad history I seen great games come from them I even thought Archeage could of eventually killed World of warcraft due to how it was made. But due to how bad a game publisher trion worlds is it kinda died. Now I question if they will ruin ATLAS or if they actually will not ruin this game.

  9. I played the first stages of the game and looked promising, but when they announced it would be B2P I saw the death of the game because it is a game that goes to the opposite side of the action games that are the most “simple” possible, but ATLAS needs a certain level of strategy, this does not usually attract a huge amount of players, now maybe the game have a real chance to be something.


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