Trion’s got access to a few more statistics about Rift than we do, and they put that to good use, creating a lengthy infographic with loads of data about player activity in Rift.

The Guardians hold a slight edge over the Defiants, 54% to 46%, which is said to be due to “a recent boost in popularity.” Callings are fairly evenly split, with cleric (20%) being the only one under 25%. The biggest number overall is 32,020,871,195, representing the number of monsters killed to day.

Here’s the one that gets me, though: Player Plü@Brutwacht has logged 16,791 hours since the game’s launch. There are 35,064 hours in four years, meaning Plü has spent nearly half the time available during that span in Rift. And you think you play too much of your favorite game.


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    • not many….. ppl start the game play until lv 40 …. they see the games boring dull same quests, u need to pay for bags earring wear gear cool mounts etc…. and they quit, the game is good-ish but not even close to be aaa mmo has a very bad lore…. same boss “crucia evrywhere….” in evry expansion….. you are better whit private wow server.

      • That is the dumbest thing I have heard all day. Thanks for making your opinion known.

        You don’t pay to get gear.. You only pay $$ for Mounts and costumes.

        Not even close to an AAA mmo? These are 2 seperate sub-genres. People enjoy the “Holy Trinity System” that everyone has grown so fond of over the years.

        You’re better with a private server WoW? I’m sorry but I about lost it laughing my butt off for about 10 minutes.

        Not to mention your grammar, I didn’t want to say anything but the more and more I read the more I began to just cringe.


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