Iceman Cometh to Marvel Heroes 2015

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Gazillion Entertainment has added one of the most player requested heroes to the playable line up for their free-to-play title, Marvel Heroes 2015. Iceman was one of the original five X-Men and is now available for purchase as a Hero Pack in the game's official store. The Iceman Hero Pack is priced at $17.99 and comes with extra costumes and a few other perks but you could always wait and farm in game to unlock the hero himself once available.

Not familiar with Iceman? Gazillion catches you up quickly with all of the info. From the official game site:

One of the original five X-Men, Bobby Drake has been a super hero since he was a teenager. Using his powers of Thermokinesis (the ability to control and project extreme temperature, in Bobby's case, ice) Iceman has been a valuable asset to the heroic community for quite some time. Having served as an X-Man, Defender, member of X-Factor and even a champion, he has put his Omega Level powers to the test against a large range of foes.

Forum feedback so far is generally positive, although it seems like some of Iceman's abilities (particularly in melee combat and Iceman's "squishy-ness") will maybe need a few tweaks in a future patch. Iceman can also be frozen, which seems a bit silly but since the Human Torch can take fire damage I guess we'll just file this under gameplay balance requirements.

Check out the Iceman forums for build ideas.

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That was in the game for some time :D

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