If it worked once, why not do it again? That seems to be the mindset of Trion Worlds for Update 4.5: Legends Return, as it seeks to build upon its previously successful Fresh Start servers for ArcheAge, which revitalized the game back in December 2016. This time around, the dev team isn’t going with just a Fresh Start server, but instead a progression server modeled upon a similar experiment in the Korean version of the game.

Two servers — Ezi in Europe and Nui in North America — will fling open their doors on April 5, featuring a launch-day version of ArcheAge. Over time, features and content will be added, and you can track exactly what’s coming when via a handy roadmap. Until the servers open, you can purchase a Silver Entry Pack for $9.99 to reserve your character name(s) and pre-create your character(s) or pick up the more expensive Platinum Entry Pack for $99.99, which offers early creation and a host of other goodies. That gives you about three weeks, which might not be long enough for some people to get through character creation. You know who you are.

As for the rest of the game … well, could you use more dragons? Every game could, and Trion’s going to deliver, as players will be able to earn flying dragon mounts. Crafting is also getting some welcome changes, with players having the ability to make risk-free requests for crafting from other players. And, as part of Trion’s continuing quest to reduce RNG, players can “wave goodbye to destruction during major regrade failure on the crafted item sets.” I’ll leave the exact details of how that works for ArcheAge players to figure out, and you can read all about it on the Legends Return announcement page.

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  1. Hey @ jason winter, why did you write this? “as it seeks to build upon its previously successful Fresh Start servers for ArcheAge, which revitalized the game back in December 2016.” When everyone that plays knows this was a fail fresh start. you might be wondering what makes me say it was a fail fresh start and im so glad you asked. first thing is they’ve tried making a fresh start twice now. the first fail was because they let anyone with previous accounts make a character on the new fresh start server. so you got to carry over all your funds sell off your property liquidate and spend it on the new server. this gave preexisting account a massive advantage over everyone else. the second time same thing happened. now you have to make a new account to play on these new servers. nothing can be carried over so anyone seeking that pay to win advantage will actually have to pay again. i think this time it’ll work because it was successful in korean version.

  2. i realy hope some time soon TRION IS OFFERING a goodbye ty for the cash shutdown …… šŸ˜€ cancer company ….. has 1 good game and ruins it.

    • Haha, true. Each time I see their name, I’m hoping it will be a “ArcheAge is closing down” post. But it never is. Whales have been keeping the game afloat for too long, I think.

  3. Are they SERIOUSLY trying to kill their own game? How the fuck do you have this bad of a run publishing a game and then try to “revitalize” only to add in a 9.99 – 99.99 pack to reserve character names and shit? Not to mention the servers are going to be jacked up on launch anyways due to them not putting any of the money into making it easy for players to access their game.

    Like holy hell. I was hoping maybe this time it really would be revitalized and I’ll start hoping back on but NOPE.

    • Ok so here’s the break down on end game gear. If you care about pvp read this. if not move along. Obsidian gear used to go t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7. Now it’ll go illustrious magnificent obsidian3 obi4 obi5 ob6 ob7. Since you need proficiency in
      crafting to make your end game gear. You’ll have to have that lvld up, or you’ll need to hire a crafter. (in a safe way no worries XL covered that) However if your an existing player with your gear graded up to where you want it and your at t3 obi your safe. If not you get to exchange you nice t1 or t2 into either that illustrious or magnificient. I just came back and im like sweet im gonna get back into the game and teach these little gs huggin bitches what real pvp is. Then they dropped all that information on us. When patch 4.5 hits everyone that’s not in a t3 and graded up to where they want em is gonna be severely crippled by this new change. Crafters gain a purpose to life for their craft. Go crafters!
      Now as for me personally, i’d rather fresh start cuz what does that mean? Well the highest lvl gear you can get on the new server is going to be magnificent. Equal advantage in pvp again! It’ll go back to the good old days when skill meant more than your gearscore. So get your patron, screw the 9.99 gift pack and feel the good old days feels by dominating everyone on the battlefield again. Also no claiming land for the first 48 hours as well.


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