Less than a week after deciding to remove Collected Intel packs from the RIFT game store while they review player feedback, Trion Worlds has announced the removal of another item in the store. Orphiel’s Mount Crate is a $100 box that will grant players a random mount upon purchase. There are over 40 possible mounts and whatever mount the purchaser receives is tradeable.

One might expect mixed feelings on this issue — with some people falling on the side of “don’t like it, don’t buy it”, but it seems that the RIFT community is pretty well aligned on this issue. They weren’t happy. Some of the issues with the offering have to do with the mounts being offered having a much lower market value — approximately $40 at most.

Whatever the individual player feeling on the matter is, it didn’t take long at all — about a day — for Trion to decide to remove the Crate from the store altogether, making the following announcement on the Rift forums:

The Orphiel’s Mount Crate has been removed from the RIFT store – we listened to feedback, met internally to discuss and decided to pull it.

There are a TON of other great things going on for Fae Yule though, and folks seem to be enjoying them. =)

I can’t speak for all the game design requests in this thread, other than to say that RIFT Dev is constantly evaluating and reviewing projects. We’re all working toward getting things wrapped up before the holiday break (Trion kindly gives us the days off between Christmas and New Year’s), so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of new communication until January.

Responses to the post seem mixed at best. But most people just seem glad the box is gone.

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  1. For $100 dollars I could buy plenty of things instead of a expansion package to a MMORPG that might not even be online in 5-10 years. No offense to people who bought the package though. I mean there are some good things you can buy on MMORPG’s but $100 dollars for an expansion pack just isn’t worth it in my opinion.


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