Tripwire Outlines Planned Changes Following Deceive Inc. Open Beta

There’s quite a bit to do based on player feedback.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Deceive Inc Post Open Beta

It would seem that the recent open beta test for Tripwire’s Deceive Inc. was pretty successful in that players actually gave plenty of feedback rather than just playing the game. Yesterday, the dev team dropped a post on the game’s forums discussing what they’ve learned from said feedback and what they’ll be working on. As noted, some things will have more priority than others based on the fact that the game does need to launch within a reasonable and addressing everything before launch would keep that from happening.

The post outlines things beginning with those that take priority. That includes things like fixing the PlayStation 5 stability issues and other performance issues, addressing agent balance, and providing players with more transparent information on weapons. There are several other issues as well, that they hope to address prior to launch. Post-launch, they’ll be working on team communication and mode adjustments as well as things like improving controller experience. It’s worth noting that part of what influenced the prioritization decisions is that some of the top-priority things were already being worked on prior to the latest round of feedback.

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