If you’re an Xbox One or PS4 owner who had no plans for tomorrow, you now have something to add to your calendar. Tomorrow (December 13), Trion will be kicking off beta testing for its free-to-play sandbox MMO Trove on both consoles.

While there’s not much official info from Trion beyond the above on things like how the Beta will work, there is an ongoing thread on the official forums where someone will at least try to answer your question.

Right now, players are saying that Xbox One players can pre-load the game starting tonight at 7pm EST. There’s no word as to if the same would apply to PS4 players.

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  1. Lol before I go I felt I had to say something about trove going on consoles. Kinda figured trion would do something like this to me it feels like a minecraft or roblox replicated or somehow it feels like the devs morphed both minecraft and roblox together. I don’t care what people says it’s just what I feel argue all you want but it’s what I think about trove. But trion porting this to consoles just proves they are trying to cash grab their past games were good by looks but horrible when you played them. If trion is gonna do what I think they are gonna do like they did with their other games I advise to not play trove it probably won’t be worth it if trion worlds is running the game as the publisher. Now off to my retirement since I’m done playing MMOs for good cya and peace.

  2. I guess Trove is finish now with everything that made it fun back in the past. Good Bye Trove it was fun while it last. Cya and peace to MMO Bomb staff signing out
    By: (MMO Guest)

  3. A “cashgrab” that lacks content is moving to consoles … who would’ve expected something different. Cubeworld will always be a better game.

  4. Don’t even care it’s trion, as a free game i would enjoy playing it but it gets so damn boring and repetitive don’t even understand how it’s still popular.


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