Trove is having yet another screenshot contest — one that it doesn’t appear to be sharing with Rift for once. This time, players must take a screenshot of a specific biome. And, to figure out which one, they’ll need to collect crepes. They aren’t for eating, though. Instead, players will need to pay attention to the letters on the crepes. Every day, when one appears, it will contain one or more letters. Players need to collect enough to form the name of the biome for the screenshot.

Once players figure out which biome to head to, all they need to do is go there and take a screenshot, being sure to include their character and in-game name. The first person to post the correct biome from each nation will earn a Golden Chaos Chest. Don’t worry, if you’re not first, you’ll still get something. Everyone with a valid entry will receive a regular Chaos Chest.

As with all of these, general rules apply and they can be found on the Trove site. Just be sure to get your entry in as soon as possible and, even if you’re not first, be sure to do it before 10:59 UTC on February 7.

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