MechWarrior Online Adds Details To Plans For 2021, Will Address A Lot Of Player Requests

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

MechWarrior Online players are about to get a lot of their wishes answered, at least according to the 2021 roadmap posted by Piranha Games. The post breaks the year's plans into quarters with each quarter having a theme. So, Quarter 1, which is happening right now, addresses "Low Hanging Fruit" and Value Tuning. Quarter 2 is all about improving content and localization, Quarter 3 should add new content, and Quarter 4 adds new features.

Each quarter is broken down into bullet-pointed lists organized by category. So, nothing is set for a specific date, but will instead be marked done once it's done. That said, some of what isn't already marked done in the first quarter does at least have a completion month indicated.

Currently the company is working on improving the game's new player experience, adding events, and working on new player bundles and packs. They also apparently plan to update the MW5 Discord to the MechWarrior Discord sometime this month, and if the intro movies' volumes have been bothering you, expect that to change in March.

Oh yes, since a lot of the changes outlined in the roadmap are there specifically because players asked for them, it's important to note that the dev team has plans to continue taking player feedback. For the 1st Quarter, they're looking for feedback on maps, weapon balance, and new mech chassis. They were seeking feedback on mech variants as well, but that appears to be concluded.

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Discussion (1)

Cloak 3 years ago
Looks like a bucket list to me. Nothing is going to help this game unless it gets a insane graphical and immersion overhaul. And does something different then it's doing now. First and foremost.

Remember this trailer?
Yeah that trailer still looks more exciting then anything we got today. Too bad dev's won't take a look over this trailer and take some notes. Cause the Newest MechWarrior game didn't even Starch the Mech itch.

I want to feel like I am hitting something. I want to feel the inertia and weight of the Mech. I want to feel like I'm in a damn warzone. Not some stupid match of a dying game hoping to cash in.

But that'll probably never happen. Mech games are out and nobody is willing to do something innovate to put them in the in.

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