Harmonix, the same studio that brought you Rock Band, has been at work on their new FPS Chroma; a game that makes music the weapon of choice. This groove-induced shooter matches the to-the-beat layout of previous Harmonix games while introducing a more competitive nature to their signature modules.

Closed Alpha signup is now active for Chroma, as it will begin its alpha phase sometime this month. Development admitted to the fact that this is the earliest they have ever presented a project.
Although the games intention seems to be both easy on the eyes and ears, development is still very early and the game has a long road of changes ahead of it.

As there is a partnership with Hidden Path Entertainment, the game has a good foundation for FPS development. This on top of Harmonix’s understanding for rhythm and lighting should make for a very unique and hypnotizing game-play.

So grab your dancing shoes and sign-up now to make some killer wavelengths!

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  1. Music is weapon? O_o …

    I don’t think they thought this through… players firing weapons that make music at once will cause some problems, specially for the people who wear headsets…


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