After an admittedly prolonged amount of time and anticipation for avid fans, GunZ 2: The Second Duel will see an Early Access status tonight on Steam. The GunZ Team apologized about the wait, but promised that there would be retribution via a better game play experience.

“Waiting is over. We have received green light signal from Valve and fixed the release schedule right away. GunZ 2 will be released as an Early Access status at 5 PM PST Feb 17 2014. All the game features including auto-matching PvP mode, co-op PvE mode, and premium item will be open. However, the game service will be in beta mode meaning service stability is not fully secured. We will maintain the beta tag for several weeks or months depending on the service status.”

GunZ the Duel is coming up on a 10 year anniversary, which gives the team mixed, yet optimistic feelings about the release of Second Duel. Venister, CEO of MAIET said, “Though we’re nervous and excited to release and operate online game service on our own for the first time, it meant a great deal to us to prepare game service on Steam, one of world’s biggest game publishing platform.”

GunZ 2: The Second Duel can be found on Steam or at the GunZ 2 official site.

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  1. yeah this game sux,so lame they have all the time server full but u have a 20 mins waiting to start playing once ur in depending on the country u play .

    • ..the game will not be playable for atleast a week, cause as time goes on, even more ppl are downloading and trying to play, which will stall, crashes the servers even more than now. So unless they add a bunch of new huge servers, it’s going to be unplayable for days if not weeks.

  2. their servers are down so I cant play still its rill depressing I have been waiting for this game for a while any one know if their a eta on sever fix?

  3. hey update, yea its actually free though the service was taken down a few hours ago because matches weren’t working, the tutorial wasn’t working either so they have to fix these problems.

  4. Just go to the damn Free to play tab and look there, you cant even play right now cause they are increasing the capacity of their servers

  5. If Steam version doesn’t get dedicated server and stays on peer2peer (like the European version is, which is not popular at all because publishers are kinda wankers) then GG, u can wipe your tears and wait for some other game as this will be total disaster. Not a single host can provide good connection to all the players that are playing specific match.

  6. Hawken, CLR, 8Bit MMO, Smashmuck, Driftopia, March of War, just to name the current F2P Early Access games. Steam is growing its free to play market a lot in 2014.

  7. oh hell no. early access is never free -_- i just hope this one is cause a few exceptions like archeblade is. i swear steam early access ruins things though.


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