twin saga

Twin Saga, the anime MMO from gamigo and Aeria Games, has officially launched. The commercial version of the game has been visually rebranded and features a stronger focus on the story of the twin goddesses. It also offers new features, such as the completely new playable class, the Monk.

Other additions include two new maps, “Sanctopolis: Prismatica” and “Santopolis: Constellacia,” as well as new dungeons and quests. All this new content also warranted a level cap raise from 65 to 70.

A rundown of the launch changes is available in the Twin Saga April patch notes.

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    • i can confirm – both game (including Eden Eternal before that) sport the same mechanics and there is one aspect in all 3 that pisses me off and makes me not want to play them – the gear you wear doesnt reflect on your character, you just have some suit on top and you look like everybody else

      in Eden Eternal you are rewarded paint dyes for completing quests that you can use to make your character look “slightly” different from everybody else, but chances are someone chose the exact same dyes as you did

      in Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga you are rewarded costumes with stats a couple of times in the game, i think once per zone, but thats even worse because everyone your level has the exact same costume

      if X-LEGEND are gonna copy 95% of World of Warcraft, why not copy the part where each gear item looks completely different so you aren’t part of an army of clones?


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