Ubisoft Finally Shows Off Skull And Bones Gameplay And Gets Ready To Let Players In Ahead Of November's Launch

Set sail this November in Ubisoft Singapore's long beleaguered title.

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Skull and Bones Trailer Gameplay

Avast, mateys! If you’ve been waiting patiently for Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones to arrive, despite all the issues associated with the game’s development, all that optimistic patience is going to pay off a bit. Today, the game was the focus of the most recent Ubisoft Forward stream – and players got more than just a trailer. (Although, they did also get a trailer.) The stream offered a small look behind the scenes, as well as gameplay.

But first, the trailer. Today’s trailer offers players a look at the game’s setting. Set in the Indian Ocean, during the Golden Age of Piracy, the game begins with a shipwreck. The player takes on the role of the survivor who must make their way on the open sea, starting with a small ship and a spear. Since this is an open-world game, that means a lot of collecting things, doing jobs, and with hard work and possibly a bit of luck, building a fleet over time.

Yes, the trailer includes the release date – November 8.

Following the trailer, Ubisoft offered players a look at some of the gameplay. Skull and Bones can be played solo, but that’s not the intention. It’s designed to be more rewarding when played with other people. That includes working with or against each other. There’s even an opt-in PvP server.

The game starts in the pirate den of Saint Anne following a shipwreck. This location functions as a hub where players can pick up materials and jobs, socialize with other players, and stock up their ship if they need to...and players will want to keep their ships stocked and repaired because they risk mutiny if they don’t.

Of course, there’s even more to the game. Those interested can watch the full Ubisoft Forward stream below. Some of the highlights include info on post-launch content – all of which they’ve listed as free. That includes events, ships, weapons, and more. Another important thing brought up during the stream is that the developers will be offering a “hands-on opportunity” in the next few months. Those interested can sign up on the game’s site.

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