Ubisoft Is Closing Inactive Accounts, Says Purchased Games Make Accounts Ineligible For Deactivation

The situation has sparked debate about the reliability of owning digital games.

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When was the last time you logged in to your Ubisoft account?

Hopefully not too long ago because the company is apparently closing "unused" accounts, leading to the disabling of access to purchased games. Users have reported receiving email warnings about potential account suspension and loss of purchased games if they fail to click a provided link within a specific time frame.

Ubisoft justifies this action by citing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, stating that they are required to close inactive accounts to comply with data protection legislation. However, the issue has raised concerns about digital rights management (DRM) and the uncertainty surrounding the preservation of digital games, as publishers have the discretion to terminate accounts and potentially render purchased games inaccessible.

This situation has sparked debate about the reliability of owning digital games and the lack of recourse for users when companies decide to remove titles from sale. The company’s claim that accounts with purchases won't be deleted for four years appears to be contradicted by the warning emails sent to users.

Despite the claims to the contray, Ubisoft has advised, via DualShockers, that there are 4 criteria for account deactivation and one thing that makes your account ineligible for deactivation is having an account that "includes purchased PC games."

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