Ubisoft Walks Players Through The Benefits And Downsides Of Plundering Land In Latest Skull And Bones Blog

Aiming to become a notorious pirate captain has its ups and downs.

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Skull and Bones Plundering Land

Today's Skull and Bones developer blog from Ubisoft highlights the strategic choices players have to make and deal with when encountering land, especially those interested in plundering everything in sight. All locations can be plundered, but factors like the weather and faction resistance can make things a bit precarious for rising captains looking to make a name for themselves.

Ubisoft explains players can encounter three types of locations: forts, settlements, and outposts. These pockets of civilization across the Indian Ocean and surrounding waters have different characteristics. Local settlements are dotted along coastlines and serve as temporary camps where people conduct trade.

Some of them are production sites dedicated to harvesting raw resources and refining them into valuable goods for trade and export. If you want to make an honest living, you can buy and sell materials or strip the place down and take what you believe is rightfully yours.

S&B Plundering

The same philosophy applies to Outposts and Forts, except the former is a home base for captains seeking contract work and the latter a powerhouse settlement, well-armed and funded. Making a big plunder move on any of them will be met with resistance, aggravating the faction over the area.

Eventually, the faction will attack players on sight after constant pillaging. The best way to calm them down after fighting back and continuing to loot their region is to lay low at a safe harbor or make amends by settling a debt.

Besides physical threats from factions, weather and land-based defenses are significant factors to stay mindful of when scouting out the settlement before a siege. Approaching land during day or night will have different resistance ships banked around the settlement, and dealing with guard towers early on will help avert reinforcements. Skull and Bones seemingly has a neat intuitive system around plundering and the dangers that come with it, which I believe looks and sounds pretty solid. Too bad we'll have to wait until November 8 to know how it plays out in-game.

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