Uncharted Waters Online, the free to play strategy MMO from OGPlanet, has launched their latest expansion, Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy, today. Along with new content, a login event, and experience gain changes, the expansion also brings with it the anticipated Astronomy Skill and Astronomer Job.

Taking on the new Astronomy Skills (and changing jobs to the Astronomer) adds a whole new storyline of content for players to take on that includes searching out specific locations in the world and viewing the night sky to chart out constellations and other celestial happenings.

Greenland has also been added as a new zone, but beware as the dangers of the ice covered area can quickly bring new sailors to their knees. Additionally, the Abu Simbel Temple dungeon has undergone some changes to improve the overall experience.

If you’ve played UWO for some time now, Aides that have attained levels 50/50/50, all traits 100, and trust 100 can now join the Royal Fleet. Doing so allows one of their Aide skills to be inherited by other aides in the future.

Check out the full update site for more details.

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  1. Wow i really thought this game was fossilized.. such a old old old OLD game. and now it gets a expansion. i tried to play it years ago and gave up. >.> a bit confusing.. i gave up mostly when ifound out how much of a pain it is to earn ur own player house, and that it wasnt one u could invite others to


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