On September 29, OGPlanet will be halting publishing services for Koei Temco’s sea-faring MMO Uncharted Waters Online. This doesn’t mean the end of the game for players, however. Instead, there will be a brief period of inaccessibility while publishing duties are transferred to Papaya Play.

Players can expect the game to release under its new publisher on October 18. Once the game has been re-released, new content will begin rolling out starting with the Revolution Expansion.

A transfer service is being prepared for existing players, although details are not available on that just yet. Papaya Play has promised to drop more information on their site in the near future.

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  1. Scam… cash heavy game very pay2win for 2004 graphic those that paid to win got rewarded with a server wipe because the game was supposedly unprofitable, yet there was only a 2 week time period the game was offline before they restarted. They are pick-pocketing what few fans they had for this game

  2. “This doesn’t mean the end of the game for players, however.” Newly released details show that Papaya Play intend to wipe out the past seven years’ worth of player achievements and progress by resetting the server to zero.

    This means there will be no player guilds to welcome newcomers, no experienced crafters to produce equipment necessary to play the game, including shipwrights able to produce better ships than the joke beginner ones you start out with, and the 200+ game cities will be largely inaccessible, or not give access to their content as players are supposed to invest their game money to build them up to a certain level of development.

    Additionally, access to the world will be limited to a tiny handful of regions, while the rest will take months to unlock by repeating long, boring fetch/delivery quests, being attacked by other players along the way. The return of item plunder means your equipment and items can be stolen by other players as well as your money, slowing down game progress even further.

    So, any returning players or news ones starting on October 18th can look forward to having no access to 98% of the game’s content, having their belongings at risk of theft from other players, and being told about exciting newly released game content, most of which will take about a real life year or so to build back up to and be able to access. The majority of the game’s user base are looking at abandoning ship at this point, and the few who remain will be ill-equipped to teach or help others on their voyage as they’ll have no money/levels to do so, assuming they even want to try — most confirmed players sticking around are the ones who wanted item theft put back in the game.

    If this reset goes ahead as planned, and barring an about face from Papaya Play due to mass player outcries which have so far gone unheeded, it very likely will, then I’m afraid this really is the end of the line for Uncharted Waters Online.

  3. I loved this game in its day and played it like crazy, I do think its a great concept, it needs severe updates on its engine, revamped game models etc, The whole idea is brilliant. A good hard lined update would make this game so much greater. like these ones too. Voyage century, Ran online, Rose online, Fly for fun, etc, & even bring back to life Redmoon, why game devs do not see the potential in serious revamps for today’s market, baffles me.


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