Bigpoint released new information about its new free-to-play browser-based title, Universal Monsters Online. The game, which Bigpoint is developing in collaboration with Universal Partnerships & Licensing, will enable players to experience Universal’s iconic cast of classic monsters in a highly-competitive MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) setting.

Taking on the persona of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon – among many other notable monsters from Universal’s rich history – players compete with and against each other in a blend of combat and strategic game play.

In-game currency can be used to purchase items such as new characters (after a free-trial period), unique character skins, and special abilities. Bigpoint plans to begin closed beta testing shortly, and is now encouraging players to sign-up for early access at:


  1. Posted on I love your site! I found you through a twiettr post. I’m a novelist who write sa blog about creative inspiration and what is better than failure for sparking inspiration! It’s great. Cheers JennieJennie Nash’s last blog post..

  2. well this will be a failure, no one will play it, it’ll die out and we’ll move on with life.

    League Of Legends & DOTA 2 own this market, stop trying random companies.

  3. I don’t mind more MOBA games…the thing is it’s hard to compete with LOL,DOTA2, HON, and many other good MOBA games. if you make average moba games, like this, you can’t hope to compete

  4. Why won’t anyone make another sandbox game like Face of Mankind, at least that’s original unlike all these Moba games.

  5. I saw this … I may not be a huge fan of the MOBA (I’ve played my share with friends) but that there’s going to be a Universal Monsters version really made me snicker. However, I am a huge fan of Adam Frakenstein — yes, even the bizarre retelling forwarded by Universal — and seeing him as one of the “monsters” used in the game makes me grin.

    Welcome to the new era of merchandising where entire swaths of IP might be pushed into popular online video game formulas (toys, movies, and shovelware video games notwithstanding.)

  6. This is just another company taking advantage of a popular game type.We are all sick of moba and fps style games.Take a hint from Steam.Arma 2 was a crappy fps,only meant for the most hardcore fps fanboys.Then DayZ came along and made it a scavenging,persistent massive world zombie survival game and Arma 2 sales went through the roof.We all want mmo zombie survival games,at least one or two.Stop with the Moba’s and fps’s for now.

    • There is a thing called competition and it is allowed in most countries… I am happy that there will be more MOBAs frankly because the ones now are just recycles of DOTA which is silly. Smackmuck and Bigpoint atleast will have something original (i hope its not like BLC because the game is not really popular :-(… )

  7. lol i like how u can play it on ur browser but they use old-skool champions like dracula and make them look cartoonish… they shouldve base the champions on dracula etc. but make them look bad-ass

  8. Well Lets Deal with the fact that moba games were rare in the past and when they got good people started making more…we cant stop companys from making good games un’till they get bad and something new comes

  9. one more MOBA game,srsly? the only good thing i see about it: it’s browser based, so I won’t have to downloud it to notice it sucks

  10. Hey Magicman 🙂 I’ve got a question for you!

    Since this is Bigpoint (Drakensang online, etc.) Do you think this will work? I mean a MOBA from this company… What is your opinion?

    • We will be talking about this on the next Free to Play Cast actually. I have VERY mixed feelings on this one……

  11. MOBA’s everywhere, sidescroller MOBAs, 3rd person MOBAs, browser MOBAs, when is Dota 2 coming out? Now THAT’s a MOBA!

  12. Again, STOP IT PEOPLE. We already have enough MOBA game, if you can`t come with anything new…Stop wasting your money.

  13. MOBA’s are hella fun. But I don’t see the point in making another MOBA right now, must MOBA players right now, are already in LoL, HoN, or Dota 2, which is just way too much competition at the moment, plus players just wont leave a game they invested so much money, and probably time into. And it being a Browser-based MMO title isn’t helping, since most people have very low expectations from them..

  14. Oh great another publisher hopping on the moba bandwagon… I wonder how many of these “MOBA” games will crash and burn before it stops…

  15. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Kill me another moba game !! .. OMG wth going on with MMO indusrty ! …. )))) dam , really again MOBA game ?? )))

    I pass …

      • In this case, no. FPS games are dying, even more so in their mutiplayer aspects. At this point its not that number of them but rather the lack of concern for balance, and skill based gaming.

        In this case, MOBA is killing itself off whenever a new company decides too cash into it. Why? Simple, the concept is focused on a team, so when we try these “simple” or “easy” “MOBA” games, we kill the genre instead of just stagnating it.


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