It was teased a few weeks ago, but now we’ve got solid details on the next class coming to Psyonix and Square Enix’s Nosgoth. The Beastmaster will hunt its prey on the ground and in the skies starting next week, giving the humans another warrior in the fight against the vampires of Nosgoth.

Also known as the Scourge of the Wild, Beastmasters tote around impressive-looking guns and can harness elemental magic to hurt or heal, but also have the unique ability to transform into a “bat-winged, three-eyed, and horned” bird of prey to get the drop on vampires, who are used to having the altitude advantage. They’ve got a typically twisted origin story, as detailed on the Nosgoth blog, where those unfit for the calling of the Beastmaster are “fed to the waiting raptors.” Mmm, tasty.

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