The first Stardust update for Mabinogi is now live, and it introduces Milletians to a new character and several new skills. You’ll assist Melwyn, a researcher at the Royal Society of Astronomy, who’s discovered that the stars in the sky are behaving strangely. In addition, shooting stars are popping up all over the place, and so Melwyn will send players across the world to collect star fragments, a.k.a. Stardust, and help them unlock fantastic new powers.

There are five different Stardust effects players can unlock: Blast, for single-target effects; Flare, for AoE attacks; Blow, which “knocks enemies around”; Chaser, which hinders enemies’ movements; and Veil, a defensive skill. Complete Melwyn’s quests to gather Stardust to unlock these various skills.

New dungeons and shadow missions are also included in today’s content update. These include two each TailTeann Shadow Missions and Tara Shadow Missions, as well as three new intermediate dungeons. My favorite has to be the “Intermediate Math Dungeon,” which I’m sure has actual combat involved but sounds like a seventh-grade algebra class.

The second part of the Stardust update will arrive in August. For now, you can learn more about today’s update on the Mabinogi site.

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