Upcoming Marvel’s Avengers Patch Finally Adds Spider-Man And Introduces New Four-Player Raid

Remember, Spider-Man is only for those on PlayStation.

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Marvel's Avengers Patch 2.2

Square Enix announced the next update for Marvel’s Avengers today, teasing a new four-player raid in which players take on the sonic monster Klaw at the Vibranium Mound as he tries to destroy Wakanda. This is an end-game raid intended for players with the highest level gear and is titled "Discordant Sound."

The update also introduces a power-level increase to 175, which is what players will need to be to take on the raid. Of course, this also means better gear. To that end, players will now be able to recycle gear of a higher power level to upgrade their current gear – allowing them to keep gear they like the look of, while having the power level of the higher-level gear. (There will be some exceptions.)

Another new feature is the Shipments feature. This provides players with a new way to earn useful items ranging from cosmetics to resources. All of these items can be earned solely via gameplay. Shipments cost 500 Units (the in-game currency) and offer players a chance at approximately 250 different items. There’s a small chance to earn a premium outfit that can not be obtained any other way. If players don’t get the outfit via luck, all they have to do is wait until they’ve picked up 100 shipments and they’ll receive it automatically.

Finally, there’s a bit of long overdue news for PlayStation players. (Sorry, everyone else.) When the update lands on all systems on November 30, PlayStation owners will be able to add Spider-Man to their hero roster. Spidey will be accompanied by the "Spider-Man: With Great Power" Hero Event, filled with unlockable challenges tied to the Avengers Initiative.

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