2014 has been a good year for SOE and their MMOFPS Planetside 2. Having implemented the majority of the planned performance improvements, SOE has finally turned its attention back to adding many of the more significant gameplay changes many of which are detailed in the recent video dev blog with Creative Director Matt Higby.

One addition Higby touted during the dev blog was the addition of the new mission system, engineered to help give players objectives based on the situation at hand in the current zone. These missions are specific to ground or vehicle troops and grant extra xp to those who complete missions as a squad.

A new patch released today on the Planetside 2 servers implemented this system, but not before also adding a controversial new “Upgrade Now” icon which prompts non-premium members to upgrade for increased benefits. The ads currently appear every few minutes regardless of whether you’ve previously declined the offer.

The appearance of the icon drew comparisons to pop up icons which appear on infected user desktops and incessantly prompt the user to use the advertised service. In an post on the official Planetside 2 forums, SOE has stated they are listening to player feedback and conceded the system is currently delivering the ads too frequently. According to SOE, players should actually only see a couple of ads during each play session.

The apparent bug is apparently doing more than irritate players. The bombardment of ads is currently causing server issues in addition to other separate equally crippling issues brought on by the March 27th patch.

Naturally, observing the official forums and Planetside 2 Reddit community it’s clear players are upset by the distracting addition regardless of its frequency particularly those who’ve already invested a great deal of real money into the game. There is no current way to disable the pop-ups and only subscribing members aren’t shown the ads. SOE has yet to elaborate to what extent they plan on what they plan to change based on player feedback.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. after 2 years of ps2 being out it still has the same crappy optimization i tried this after a few months break hoping it would be better but it still is the same heap of SH*T poorly coded same bugs same bad fps same bad memory leaks , this game would be up there with the best AAA fps games “if” they made it properly the first time but its still a rubbish game poorly coded and all they do now is add junk to the cash shop .

    i had a 8gb download which is basically the whole game i though hey maybe they fixed all of the bad coding but i was wrong my machine is good enough to run games which are coded properly on high/ultra etc but ps2 is rubbish

    priority = give me cash

    add to that the game is just boring and mundane same thing over and over missions are pointless attack this defend this which is what you would normally do anyway..

    i wish game companies made things properly the first time not rushed them and leave big mistakes in the code making it a 2nd rate game

    • It would be nice to know WHY poorly coded or WHAT same bugs it have. It’s also good to know WHAT are your Specs.

      I played PlanetSide 2 on a ATI 5850 on mid-high (recording included) and I had no problems with the performance except in big zergs where there’s still 30-45 FPS.

      Now I play on a GTX770 and can play with over 60fps on Ultra.


  3. To make matters even worse from a PR standpoint, SOE are now actively banning members from the forum who post negative comments about the spamming:

    ‘You have been banned for the following reason: Your account has been issued a 1-day suspension for multiple violations (most recently trolling on the thread “Upgrade Now Button”)’

    • all the banned users weren’t just making a complaint they were flaming other users and posting things like,”SOE should die and go to hell.”

  4. I stopped playing planetside 2 because it took FOREVER to get to any fights. If I had not already left it to be, this probably would have annoyed the hell out of me.

    • They changed a lot to make it less immersive: Login-into-Deployscreen; Instant action; spawing directly in zergs; intercontinental reinforcements; etc.

      I don’t know what are you talking about…

  5. well untill i can get a better pc so i can run this i wont be able to play it but its good they actually doin something on ps2 and updating and stuff it is afterall a good game(from what i’ve seen and heard from people playing it)

  6. That is my favourite game of all times. I played it well on medium, at 50-60fps. After that big optimization patch, I need everything on lowest, shadows completely removed, render quality reduced to 70% to get 50 fps out of it.


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