V Rising Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Gloomrot Expansion Gameplay

Watch a bit of gameplay from the upcoming Gloomrot Expansion

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

V Rising Gloomrot gameplay trailer

Stunlock Studios has released a new gameplay trailer for Gloomrot, the upcoming expansion to Early Access vampire survival game V Rising.

The update promises improvements across the entire game, but the trailer focuses on the new biome of Gloomrot and its inhabitants. Gloomrot features polluted valleys, lightning-scorched highlands, mutated experiments, and twisted mechanical wonders.

Alongside the new Gloomrot biome, the V Rising update also brings improved castle building, allowing for multiple floors in castles. New weapons are coming as well as a new spell school. 13 additional bosses are also being added so players will have new enemies to hunt down.

Gloomrot goes live in V Rising on May 17th.

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