V Rising Starts Reveals For Free Expansion In 2023 That May Add Much Desired Multiple-Floors Castle

Castle changes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what vampires can expect.

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There's a lot going on over at Stunlock Studios right now. The dev team, not happy to just rest in their coffins, is prepping and experimenting on a huge host of changes coming in 2023 in an expansion that anyone owning V Rising will get for free.

This is an early reveal, though. That means there's always the caveat of "we don't have a date for this yet" and, of course, the "we're working on this feature but we don't know if it'll work/make the expansion," so get excited, but temper that excitement.

The biggest change, if the team can make it work, is the addition of multiple floors for your castle. This is something the player base has wanted basically since launch and was something we noted in our early looks at the game, too. Allowing castles to build UP instead of OUT not only looks awesome, but also allows for more castle per map and more spacing between castles. It kind of has to happen at some point in our book, and the team is working on it.

New areas are always nice and the expansion will have those as well. Biomes will have new connections and new biomes will bring new challenges...including new V Blood marks.

A new Jewel system will allow modification of spells leading to more customized gameplay, new marketplaces on the map will give vampires a place to spend their cash on gems they can't get to drop, new crafting plans, or even just some new furnishings. Inventory management and other quality of life improvements are also in store.

Honestly, the latest dev blog is certainly an early look at what COULD be, but damn is it a spicy look that we love seeing! Just remember, with an update this big a server wipe will be required on both PvP and PvE servers.

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