V4 is about to get its first new class, and it’s a classic for any MMORPG. The archer is your prototypical pew-pew class, which has “short skill activation times and fast strikes.” The archer will be followed up by another class in early 2021, as revealed in last week’s producer’s letter. The archer is part of the next update for Nexon’s MMORPG that also adds a new region boss, Despaired Ruskal.

The letter also talked about the roadmap for the game, which includes a new region and boss in December, and you’ll be able to purchase special costumes for all classes in December’s update. Nexon also talked about the steps it’s taking to combat botting — which you’d think would be extra easy in a game with such heavy autopathing.

Until Nov. 25, you can anticipate the archer’s arrival with a festival in the game that offer’s free login rewards, bonus rewards for gear enhancement, and XP and gold bonuses for various regions. Get all the details on those events on the V4 site.

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