The Third Age is receiving an “epic update,” according to R2 Games. Maybe that’s hype, but you’d hardly expect the developer to say, “Yeah, this update is OK, but nothing really special.” For the moment, at least, we’ll believe them.

The Version 7.2.4 update adds cross-server ranked PvP battles with their own ranking system, where players can climb the ranks from Bronze all the way up to Diamond. You can check your placing on the leader boards, which update every five minutes, and receive rewards based on your progression. These Gems will allow you to purchase special items in the shop, but you’ll need to spend them before the end of the current season.

This update also adds a new hero, the Valkyrie, who wields a spear and specializes in “agile combat.” She requires proper strategy to place her in the right spot of your lineup, and “like her Norse namesake, she’s not to be trifled with.”

To celebrate the launch, R2 is also offering a free gift for all players. Redeem the code 71DADC41161D4DFF84E27914122342A8 if you’re on PC or F2AAA3E8A72D494EA89B7A54352BE02B if you’re on a mobile device (instructions here).

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