The first act of Valorant‘s Episode 3 is now live, and that means the new agent teased last week is now ready for action. KAY/O is “a machine of war built for a single purpose: neutralizing radiants,” according to his biography, and his abilities serve to suppress and deal area damage to anyone unlucky enough to get caught in their wake.

There’s naturally a new battle pass arriving with the new season, offering loot like the Jigsaw Ghost and The Key to Ancient Mysteries Gun Buddy. The Rank Rating for competitive play has also been updated as the season refreshes.

If you’ve been playing Valorant for a long time, in any mode, and want to see your progress reflected with fancy frames around your account level, then you’re in luck. Now you earn Account Points (AP) by playing and winning, and those translate into account levels at the rate of 5,000 AP per level. Every 20 levels, you’ll get a new border for your level as it appears on your end-of-match player card. All the matches you’ve played prior to the release of Episode 3 count, so if you’re a veteran player, you won’t be starting from scratch.

Learn more about the start of Episode 3 on the Valorant site.

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