VestGames’ Eville Seems Like A Neat Take On The Whole Social Deduction Thing

Players aren’t just labeled as killers or victims. Everyone has a different role.

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Eville Announcement

Social deduction games have been getting a lot of developer love ever since Among Us turned into “the hot thing” there for a while. Since then, we’ve seen what have been basically visual variations on the same theme, but without a lot of difference in gameplay. I’m not going to say that the game we’re talking about in this post makes massive changes, there are still players taking on the role of potential victim and players taking on the role of murderer, but that’s not all you’re doing.

Eville is a medieval-themed game set in a village and players take on the various roles of those living there – from Mayor to the trapper, to detective, to ghost whisperer, and more. There’s also the role of “Slanderer” because every village needs someone to spread rumors about their neighbors. Of course, there’s also a murderer (or Conspirator) taking out the local villagers one by one. Each role actually has a job to do. For instance, the trapper does, in fact, set traps – although to catch the murderer, rather than animals.

The game also features a day-night cycle. During the day, players do normal daytime village stuff. At night, they should return home – and probably lock their doors, lest the murderer sneak in and take them out while they’re asleep. Oh, and don’t worry about that whole dying thing too much. In this village, it seems like it’s more of a setback than an actual problem, as the living can encounter the dead. That’s probably where that ghost whisperer thing comes in.

Eville is still a bit away, but players should be able to take part in Early Access in 2022. Like smart developers and publishers, VestGames and Versus Evil haven’t narrowed the time down to a specific part of 2022 yet, so there’s a pretty big window to work with, but those of you wanting to keep track can easily do so on Steam.

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Flintstone 2 years ago
If you don't know what a guillotine is its seems like Eville 2 :)

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