Victory Command Blasts onto Steam Early Access

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:

Speaking of MOBAs and Steam, Victory Command Battle Arena is now available on Steam Early Access. PlayGrid Games aims to bring a mix up of DOTA like MOBA action to the tank combat genre in this upcoming free to play title.

Victory Command players will simultaneously command multiple units of armored, recon, and infantry units to engage in 5v5 team combat. They embark on their military career given just basic companies, and then improve their troops and arsenal by earning experience points that they can use to upgrade their company and obtain special abilities and skills. Combining the cooperation and competition of battle arena games with strategic gameplay on an open field, players can flank, ambush and trap their opponents to achieve victory.

Keep in mind though, there are no "lanes" in Victory Command. With multiple maps, all of the open terrain variety, players are free to roam wherever they see fit to gain a tactical advantage against their foes. With matches taking place in shorter time frames, players can mix and match units in thousands of combinations as they level up and gain access to new abilities and units, culminating in game changing Company Abilities like airstrikes and napalm strikes.

It sounds like an interesting combination of RTS and MOBA genres and with assistance from Petroglyph Games, you can at least rest easy knowing that Victory Command has an RTS and MOBA veteran helping them out behind the scenes.

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Mathysjcs 9 years ago
This game looks like End of Nations during its Beta phase. I really miss it, don't like the game anymore when Trion changes it to MOBA genre.

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