Bohemia Interactive’s free-to-play console survival game Vigor has captured the interests of 2.5 million players on the Xbox One and is celebrating the milestone with a new update today. OK, so they probably would have released the update even if they didn’t have 2.5 million players, but they lumped the news together in a press release, so we’ll oblige to linking the two.

The 1.1 update is titled “Bridges” and its highlight feature is … well, bridges. Specifically, a new map, Brodalen Bridges, which features a number of scenic vantage points atop bridges of all types, as well as a new Buried Cache game event. Polaroid pictures — this is taking place in the ’90s, remember — are scattered throughout the map, offering hints as to where players can look to dig up loot.

The update also adds some new weapons, such as the classic .357 Magnum, and, naturally, new cosmetics to wear when you’re out murdering people for their clothes. The weight of your gear also plays a bigger role, reducing your sprinting speed. For more on everything found in the Bridges update, visit the Vigor site.

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