Bohemia Interactive’s free-to-play survival game Vigor is making the leap to the Nintendo Switch. The game will feature full cross-play with Xbox One players, allowing them to join the same session and same encounters without restrictions.

A separate team is working on the Switch version of Vigor, which “hasn’t affected the Xbox version in any regard other than the positive of better optimization.” Additionally, Bohemia claims that this putting the game on Switch will help with matchmaking times, due to the larger player base, and “may even allow us to work on a deeper matchmaking system that creates an interesting mix of various Outlander types in one Encounter.”

The closed beta for the Switch begins on April 9. This test won’t include cross-play and will run on the base Season 2: Hunters version of the game rather than the recently releases 2.2 update. Learn more about Vigor on Switch, and sign up for the beta, on the game’s website.

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